Mission / Vision / Goal


The WGMF was based on concepts of open-mindedness, critical thinking, real training, active participation, research, and constant development. Our conduct system is free from ego and cults of personality. We oppose fraud and profanation in martial arts.

Our organization’s primary goals are the stimulation of joint education, cross-training, cultural relationships, joint global events, gatherings, and exchange of experience, knowledge, and skill among all members in a friendly environment.

We foster the true spirit of martial arts by keeping high standards in training, education, research, verification, examination, and promotion. Similarly, we stand up for the importance of earning all ranks through hard work and a fair assessment.


WGMF is the bridge between Eastern and Western martial arts practitioners; among amateurs and professionals; among small training groups and large world associations. We are confident that our community is an effective integration tool for traditional martial arts, modern eclectic combat styles, realistic self-defense, and combat sports.

We believe that all styles of martial arts are unique and possess their own philosophy and values; all martial arts and combat systems are the ways of self-expression of individuals or groups of individuals; they are a part of the creative process of human beings. Thus, our association does not violate the autonomy of its members, respects their independence, and supports their creative endeavors.

Our vision is to unify all martial artists globally, maintaining the principles of peace, humanity, goodwill, integrity, commitment, solidarity, respect, common sense, cooperation, mutual support, technical excellence, mastery, merit, and professionalism through the practice and representation of martial arts.


WGMF aims to bring all Martial Arts Federations around the Globe, on one platform by global networking, positive interactions and mutual understanding.